SMS services
A/B Hassellunden  You have booked Wash3, at 12:00pm 2016-11-16  Regards A/B Hassellunden  Your wash is ended: Wash 3,   Regards A/B Hassellunden  Wash 3 is closed. (Missing feedback)   Regards A/B Hassellunden  Dryer 2 is closed. (No heat)   Regards A/B Hassellunden  Your dryer is ended: Dryer 2.   Regards

The Housing society can enter our SMS service.

Users are able, under “My account”, to enter mobile no. and select what type of Text message they want to receive from the Payment system - ex. Receive a message a half hour before a booked time start or when the Wash is ended.

The User gets the messages on the language the User have selected on the Payment system.

Ex. you have selected English speak on the system, then you also get the message on English.

It’s free for the Users to receive SMS from the our payment system.

The Housing society or the Caretaker can recieve SMS from the Laundry if something wrong happens to a machine - ex. if a machine doesn’t reply it startet etc.